"Rub me" couple of freaks.



The last couple of months I’ve been setting up a recording studio and rehearsal space, and on the weekend just gone a good friend of mine from high school (who I’d not seen for YEARS) came by and took some photographs of it. I was not only very touched by his generosity but thrilled with the results. A couple of them are on the Facebook page I made for the space but I’ve included a few more here. I couldn’t be more rapt with how things are going, it’s been a nervous experience making the leap from amateur to semi-professional recording, but I am starting to become happier with the results I’m getting. Check out the page if you are interested, and if you want to come check it out give me a call or a message!

Your boy. Very stoked on this.


me and the lads like to sit around drinking the dirty paintbrush water until we all fall asleep from the poison



i got a short vid of waag playing last night it was p cool

scott moves like a white cedric bixler-zavala

Cheers Kip :)

hey what is fuckboy?


baby japanese macaques, aslo known as snow monkeys, in the joshinetsu kogen national park. located in the valley of the yokoyu river in the northern part of nagano prefecture, the areas remains relatively free of humans thanks to heavy snowfalls, an elevation of 850 meters, and being accessible only via a narrow two kilometer footpath through the forest.

photos by (click pic) ben torodeoscar tarneberg, kiyo photography, stephano sityziakoichi kamoshidamarcosjra and patypatyapaty, tubasa-wingsdaisuke tashiro and masashi mochida


A Ghost Orchestra | 2012 (Demo)

FFO: Southern / Hardcore / Noise

Release Date: 21 May 2012

Country: Australia

Quality: You Choose

Track List: 

01. Lovers Of Valdaro [03:08]

02. Clockwork [02:04]

03. Future History [04:37]

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