Raccoon City stage presence inspiration.


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hell dig her hey. sick pics


Confused little baby

download slum lord yo



 hi, if you want a copy of Slum Lord in mp3 format for your minidisk player then go ahead and download it from the triple j site whilst you wait for the rest of the tracks to be released. 

listen to fresh tracks whilst you’re training

wow Dylan actually did something useful for once. download these cool new track jams. play them at your place of work for the plebiscite to listen to. peace.


if i yell out ‘STOP’ when she’s running, this is how she stops and looks at me. ouch my lil heart.

Deftones - Change (In The House Of Flies)

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Raccoon City - Slum Lord

hey we might drop another sneak peek this week if peeps are keen.

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